Mandatory Disclosures (Please Read)

  1. The fee for the course is $7.95 per household. Joint filers are welcome to take the course together.
  2. Our course developer and teacher is a certified member with the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. She is uniquely qualified to offer this class with over 15 years experience in Credit and Financial Services and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Management. This course is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  3. $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education does not pay or receive fees or other consideration for referral of debtor students to or by $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education.
  4. This course is offered to debtor students without regard to a debtor student’s ability to pay. The course is available for free or at a reduced rated based on the debtor student's ability to pay. $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education will waive all bankruptcy education fees for debtor students whose household income is 150% or less of the federal poverty guidelines as specified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( for a household or family of the size that is the basis of the fee determination. $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education will waive the fee if the student's source of income is disability and/or they can show a hardship by providing Schedule I of the bankruptcy petition, and will also waive the pre-discharge debtor education fee if the student's initial bankruptcy filing fees were waived. (Please see additional information about fee waivers in our FAQs or click here Fee Waiver Policy)
  5. Upon completion of this course, $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education will provide a certificate of completion to the student which can be mailed, emailed or faxed to the student and attorney/bankruptcy preparer.
  6. We will provide you and/or your attorney (or bankruptcy preparer) with your certificate(s) of completion via the method(s) you select during registration. Once your certificate(s) is generated, you may also retrieve and download it directly by signing in with your username and password.
  7. The United States Trustee has reviewed only the provider’s instructional course and has neither reviewed nor approved any other services the provider provides to debtors.
  8. $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education may disclose debtor information to the United States Trustee in connection with the United States Trustee's oversight as a provider, or during the investigation of complaints during on-site visits, or during quality of service reviews.
  9. $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education does not offer any other non-instructional services.
  10. Our course is available in both English and Spanish. If another language is needed, please contact our customer service and we will assist you to find another provider that offers the course in your preferred language.
  11. A debtor or debtors will only receive a certificate of completion if the debtor(s) completes the instructional course of personal financial management in its entirety.
  12. $$ Bankruptcy Debtor Education has an obligation to provide a certificate promptly upon completion of instruction.  The certificate of completion will be issued within 1-3 business days after the debtor(s) completes the instructional course of personal financial management.