Have you completed credit counseling?
Do you have your bankruptcy case number?

If so, you are in the right place!

This is the course you are required to take AFTER you file bankruptcy and before your discharge. You are one step closer to future financial success!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Bankruptcy Debtor Education offers the highest quality course at the lowest possible price!

  • Affordability

    Did you pay too much for pre-file credit counseling? We've made this course affordable – ONLY $7.95 PER HOUSEHOLD! No hidden fees. Joint filers are welcome to take the course together! Plus, we offer one fast easy payment using PayPal, major credit cards, debit card, or money order.

  • Certification

    Proof of Completion Certificates are available via digital download, email, fax to you and/or your attorney, and through postal mail. We have been providing debtor education since 2005 and are approved in all states with the exception of *North Carolina or Alabama.

  • Convenience

    The course is delivered on-demand providing total convenience so you can access it 24/7/365. Get the skills and information necessary to establish and achieve future financial objectives at your own pace, on your schedule. Available in English and Spanish (Espanol).

What People Are Saying

Student Success Stories

Thank you so much for your excellent class and great service. I certainly learned a lot from your course. Hopefully, I will manage my financial situation more wisely now than ever before. I am so glad I took your class, I really learned a lot.”

Glenda | Arizona

You guys are SO wonderful! Thank you very much for your help and time! Can't beat the $7.95 price for such a great course!!”

Amber | Pennsylvania

Thanks a million! By the way, your course was amazing and I will be sure to recommend it to others!”

Evelyn | Illinois